Halo 5 Req Pack Tracker

Hey Guys and Gals,
Some of you may know this, most of you probably will not.

I was directed towards a reddit article by a Spartan Company teammate last night that helps me track my req packs and see what exactly I have left. It does take a little while to set up the first time, but after the inital legwork is done, it is extremely useful.

I did not create this file. It is from Reddit user. Check out the link below and let me know if this is helpful to you…

Sounds good, I’ll take a peek

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> Sounds good, I’ll take a peek

it is very helpful actually. After i input all the data last night, I bought a $30 gold pack to test out the accuracy and it is pretty much spot on.

If you like that REQ tracker, you might like this.
It’s a lot like the REQ tracker, but features more information about each REQ, and lists all the REQ packs, more methods of purchasing, and research shown, but does not feature a tracking system. So it has things the one you mentioned doesn’t, but doesn’t have the tracking system.

You could just look at your collection and see what’s left…

I will definitely check this out!

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> You could just look at your collection and see what’s left…

this is much better and even easier (at least after you do the initial inventory.) It also gives an estimate of how many Silver/Gold packs you need to open before finishing everything off. For example, I will need to open about 48 more silver packs before I need to begin opening only gold packs. It is very helpful and concise.



Yes I used this back when I was still grinding out bronze and silver and it did help me plan accordingly.