Halo 5 recruitment

Hey everyone it is Mastert183 from Team FriteMare, with halo 5 right around the corner Team FriteMare is looking to bring some new talent into our ranks. A little bit about us:
We recently went through a name change, we use to be Agnus Dei however the guys at Frite Gaming decided to sponsor us to play pro and asked us to change our name.
We are a competetive team and are looking to be one of the best on halo 5.
Our current roster is made up of 8 however we might increase it to 10 on halo 5.
We are sponsored by Frite Gaming, Frite Grips, NoScope Glasses, and Acidic Gaming.
Our twitter is @TeamFriteMare
My Gamertag is Mastert183
We are currently looking to fill 2-4 spots on our team.