Halo 5 Recruiting: 21 and over

If you meet the below criteria, join me and a relatively small group of 21 and over players, (most of us are 25 and older) who will be playing Halo 5 multiplayer. At least 2 or 3 nights a week, we link up as a team of 4 or 5 and see how many games we can win in a row. We pride ourselves on being very capable players on our own and as a team playing MCC, we very seldom lost. This is not a clan or anything formal, just a group of mature players who want to win and rank as high as possible. We will most likely be playing Halo 4 on MCC a week or more leading up to Halo 5’s release. If you meet the requirements to join us and you decide to, you won’t be disappointed. For Halo 5 in particular, the ranking system will be based mostly on wins and loses, so if you’re sick of playing with randoms who go 3 and 20 and kill your chances of winning, then join up with us.


1.) Over 1.1 K/D (most of us are considerably higher).
2.) At least basic map understanding and call outs.
3.) A mic
4.) Good attitude and conversation.
5.) At least 21 years old.