Halo 5 real thoughts?

Apparently the only topics in this forums are from whiney cry babies who say this is CoD and Titanfall. Are there any sensible guys or gals on here with a unbiased opinion? If so I would like to hear your thoughts on everything about this beta so far! Ive only played about 3 or 4 matches so I don’t have much of a say just yet. But my quick view is that im liking it alot!

So…because they think Halo has lost what made it unique and fun, to become a more “modern and innovative” (generic) shooter, they are whiney cry babies? Makes sense.

So far I love it, the new direction is focused and fast, it feels fresh and fun, snappy and buttery smooth.

I love Halo 5:Guardians. So do a lot of people.

To those that don’t. Don’t play it!

Quit -Yoinking!-, and stop ruining everyone else’s time with the negativity.

i really love halo 5 guardians also it really brings something new and its really competitive and fun