Halo 5 reaction

When I first played Halo 5 I had the “Phantom menace” effect where I where my excitement levels with the marketing and several new and returning characters, it blinded my judgment and I percieved it as great, even after seeing others on the internet make valid points about it’s problems, I didn’t accept its massive flaws until a year later, I was wondering if you had the same thing happen.

I let the type get the best of me. All of the amazing marketing had me ready! Hunt the truth was an amazing podcast.

So I was a bit hard on it. I still don’t love the campaign, but I enjoyed it more on my 2nd and 3rd play through, for sure. The MM is top notch, I really like it.

The trailers had it seem a tad more exciting than it is, but I still enjoy it

The campaign was a let down from the beginning. I didn’t like the multiplayer at first, but after coming back to it a few months after release, it quickly became my favorite multiplayer

I didn’t really “play the campaign” I mostly just played the “speed game”. That’s probably why I’ve got more time in campaign than WZ.

Nope to this day I say the campaign got more hate than it deserves. Sure it wasn’t great but it wasn’t a flop by any means. Granted it was probably worse campaign story wise but as far as level design and missions it was pretty good. Swords of Sanghelios and Blue Team are two of the best missions ever in Halo IMO. But 343 sure has their work cut out for them story wise to get back on a good track.

If it weren’t for people being blinded by marketing, 343 wouldn’t have made the money to fund a project that will be their diamond in the rough. Hopefully sooner rather than later. But yeah, 4 and 5 are bad.