Halo 5 reached a new all time low with Hog wild

Ever since How wild i have had the WORST Gameplay experience in all of Halo 5. Since they released Hog wild Halo 5 has become SUPER laggy, totally unpredictable, rubberbanding as hell and often enough i can’t even find a game ( i’m from germany ). This update ruined the MP for me because i cannot play a single game without teleporting spartans, laggy nades and so on… . This udpate is the pinnacle of bad netcode for me, this is the first game that got patched to such a state that i can hardly play anymore and for a AAA like Halo it just shows how little effort they put in it. I have done everything in my power to improve latency and such ( open nat, fast internet connection, low ping in general , opened ports, hell i even prioritized traffic for the Xbox One ) and after slowly taking 1 step forward then half step back they suddenly jump back 50 steps to a point where this game can just be described as broken. Halo 5 MP was the only thing redeeming Halo 5 as the lackluster campaign didn’t do a good job at anything and now i’m sitting here writing this post and clearly rant thread and raging over the state that Halo 5 is in right now for me.
The only conclusion i can draw from my experience in Halo 5 is that i will never again buy a 343i game until there are no more patches to be released for it and that in itself is a sad fact for me because i was one of those guys that preordered every other Halo at launch.
I will keep playing Halo 5 hoping that it will get better but what i learned from 343i’s free DLC policy is that i would rather pay 20$ for all the content and get a finished and working game at launch that doesn’t need to be tweaked and repaired every few weeks after the next “update”.

Sounds like you may need to do a hard reset of your xbox.

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> Sounds like you may need to do a hard reset of your xbox.

Hey lethal congrats on being a spartan!

Anyway op like lethal said you probably should do a hard reset of our Xbox. If it still doesn’t work then chalk it up to the garbage servers.