Halo 5 Ranking Suggestions

I’ll start by saying that I am an overall fan of the ranking system introduced in Halo 5. Having some clear benchmark tiers and a system based on skill gives me an incentive to play. I especially appreciate the incentive being to win, rather than focus solely on my personal k/d.
That being said, there are certainly some major issues with the system, which I think could be easily addressed. The two biggest complaints I here are being matched with poor players, especially against groups playing as a team, and people being placed too high and barely being able to play at all as they get slaughtered every game.
-Add a solo queue: Similar to League of Legends, separate group queue from solo queue. Playing as a group of singles against any pre-made group is pretty difficult. Additionally, people that have a very high rank from normally playing with a group can expect to get destroyed any time they want to play solo.
-Add a non-ranked list: If people want to play casual games, let them. This list could also have join in progress, since winning or losing wouldn’t really matter. Only being able to play un-ranked in warzone dis-incentivizes me from playing unless I want to concentrate and play seriously. Sometime I just want to have some fun playing casual slayer.
-Allow ranked down: Allow people to rank down tiers if they lose a lot. Make the threshold for ranking down high, so players can keep their accomplishment and not bounce back and forth. If you only ranked down when you lost 10 more games than you won at a tier, only players who were inappropriately placed would rank down.
Great job on the gameplay 343, now lets get matchmaking where it needs to be.