Halo 5 quickly died on Twitch???

Ive been watching Twitch.tv for a long time now and noticed that MMC was never really popular on there. I was really hoping for H5 to change that and become one of the most popular games to watch. The game was extremely popular to watch when some streamers had it pre-release. And one or two days while the game was released, it was popular but now its gone down, with an average of 3k viewers now. This is a bit disappointing as I have extreme faith for the Halo franchise and I have loved it ever since I first played.

Why do you think Halo just isnt that popular on Twitch.tv?

You’ll never be seeing any single-console exclusive maintain a very long streak on Twitch unless there’s a streamer with a very strong personality streaming it. The games you find on PC are all far more accessible to everyone around the world, and thus attract more streamers, which in turn attracts more viewers. No doubt you’ll see exclusive titles pop up towards the top every now 'n again, but it will never take a more permanent spot like Dota or LoL, something that can be played (and thus further enjoyment through watching streams,) on some of the weakest modern PC’s out there.

Halo is set in a bad spot for streaming, given that it

A) is restricted to a single platform

B) Rarely holds competitive tournaments, compared to other major titles.

It has the potential of gaining a large following in the speedrunning community, but then again, so does every other game with a campaign/story mode. So don’t count on that to bring the views in either.