Halo 5 pushed Xbox One sales past the PS4

No matter how you feel about the single-player experience for Halo 5: Guardians, its place as the Xbox family’s standard-bearer is secure. NPD data reveals that its release last month not only topped software sales charts in the US, but also drove Xbox One to a victory over the rival PlayStation 4. There aren’t any exact numbers attached, but in a statement Microsoft said Xbox One sales were up 81 percent over the same month last year. In case you didn’t already know, the expensive but oh-so-good Elite Controller sold through its supply at most retailers, also providing a lift. The only question now is if the victory will turn into a streak, as Xbox features the new Tomb Raider this week to go with an early launch of Star Wars: Battlefront on EA Access. In other NPD news, the Yoshi’s Wooly World on Wii U came in at number 8 in game sales for the month, beating out Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live.

Please post links to the source of your information if you want people to believe it.

Yeah it sounds too good to be true…Are you on microsoft’s PR team?

yeah, kinda need to see the source to believe that. besides, it will drop off next month, halo can only carry xbone for so long.

Source : Engadget

On the opposing side; you have to also make notice that Halo 5 pushed console sales less than any other main title release has to date.


I saw the same news story, here are a couple of links to help. Next time OP do your own digging gosh, haha just playing. Hopefully this helps, a little something for everyone.

Saw this on IGN earlier, good stuff!

halo can only caryy xbox for so long?? im sorry i must be out of the loop, how long did just halo3 hold up for xbox?? my belief is over 3 years that the game was popular

even trump the newer halos that came out afterwards…hands down none of them beat halo 3

Good for you? So many people trying to claim their system is better whether it be a PC, Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo. I really don’t care, I’m happy with the ones I have.

To answer your question about this turning into a streak…it most likely won’t. Xbox One was always going to win October NPD and if it didn’t, it would have been yet another embarrasment for MIcrosoft. PS4 is steamrolling the Xbox One and it will continue to do so for the entire generation all because of the damage done during the reveal with kinect, online only, price and Mattrick.

I hope so but that’s pretty aliens

Good job, Xbox!

Sales were for a the month, Xbox was sitting at 20 something million units sold and ps4 was at 30 something millions units sold no way did halo 5 convince 10 plus million people to buy a Xbox in that short amount of time.

that is the link for more information.


Well I definitely bought an xbox just for halo lol havnt played in years and hearing that a new halo was out brought back a lot of good memories of me playing it as a kid

Well if this is true, that’s pretty impressive seeing as how far ahead PS4 sales are compared to Xbox One but PS4 might still outsell the Xbox One long term. Microsoft is going to need a way to constantly attrack people to the Xbox or else they’ll just drift back to the PS4.

I’ve got them both but good for Xbox… i no longer have a destiny machine but a FPS engine lol.