Halo 5: Pros & cons - Spoiler warning!

So, after completing the the game and having played multiplayer several hours, I tought why not share the things I specially liked and didn’t.

  • Spartan abilites make the gameplay so much fun! They make it feel fresh, new but also fit Halo quite well.
  • Arbiter is back! Also nice to see Buck again.
  • Interesting new locations. Forerunner world Genesis was so beatiful and those Guardians made it look breathtaking. Also cool to see a small town in the middle of a glassed planet, run by AI, who was near Rampancy.
  • Arena multiplayer is back again! No more of that jumbled mess with every one carrying a small shotgun in their pocket. Maps feel like sandboxes again, where you have to FIND your own favorite toys.
  • Warzone is great fun. Even though this is a new game type, this feels like a classic Halo to me.
  • Story made some interesting turns. I liked the idea that humans were not supposed to take the mantle, but those who we created. Basically saying we can be smart, we created those AIs after all, but our primal insticts and lust for power keep us from earning it.


  • Story moved so damn fast. I understood this was written by that Halo:Escalation writer, and it shows. Story hardly evoces any emotion, just keeps giving more and more dramatic twists and turns. Halo 4 was great at having these silent, touching moments between Cortana and Chief. Here we have one, but for some reason, I didn’t feel much at all, even though I know I should have. Speaking of halo 4:
  • " Thats what she said…about being a machine". This makes H4s emotional ending pointless. Chief hasnt changed a bit, and Cortana’s back.
  • Cliffhanger ending, seriously??? You know, Bungie didn’t make it in h2 because it was cool, but because they ran out of time. It feels like I palyed a very dramatic preguel, and the main story is just starting.
  • Sooo what was the point of team Osiris? What unigue did they bring to the story? They could have, if the story was like it was marketed, but nope. This wasn’t about hunting Chief. This was Chief hunting Cortana.
    Well those were it. Sorry for my English, not my native. Please share things you liked and didn’t.