Halo 5: Pros and Cons

Spoilers for Halo 5 below

Campaign pros:

  • Beautiful level design - Addicting gameplay - Somewhat good plot twist - Lots of little lore tid-bits - Buck is awesome - Blue team finally making a video game appearance. - Being introduced to Sangheilios - The arbiter being a bad-yoink- (despite the short screentime). - Stellar voice acting from all of the VA’s. - Awesome cut scenes. - Great soundtrack. - Exuberant Witness is awesome - Mission Intel is also pretty neat (elite love poem ftw). - Grunts speak english again! (so do jackals).Multiplayer pros

  • fun gameplay - Good weapon balancing. each weapon is actually useful. - Warzone is a good addition to Halo - Lots of weapon and vehicle variety. - Just MP in general is awesome. - Free DLC for the future is a good step forward. especially when the norm to charge absurd prices for DLC nowadays. - Forge is going to be amazing.Now for the cons.

Campaign cons:

  • The story was poorly written by a writer who is already established as a bad writer for Halo products. - Pacing issues throughout. - Ad campaign was really misleading. (Which isn’t a bad thing, but IMO the story that was hinted at in the ads was better than what we actually got). - The whole hunt for chief was just really lackluster and short. Only spanned like… 3 levels? - The whole conflict is sparked from a lame miscommunication. The whole thing would have went different if Chief just took the time to say 2 sentences. - Locke V Chief fight was just awkward and kind of slow. - Cortana’s reveal that she’s alive was just bad. It was in a vision in the second level. No shock value whatsoever. - Cortana’s survival basically ruins the whole point of Halo 4. - Locke and Osiris (besides buck) are just really bland characters. Almost no personality at all. - Blue team had no character development (they were treated as generic MC clones), and had no importance to the plot at all. They were just there. - The AI rebellion thing is actually pretty cliche. - The guardians don’t actually do anything aside from one time. - The story ignores a lot of already pre-established fluff from Halo 4 and beyond while also relying on lore. It’s just an odd mix. It ignores the lore and then depends on it. - Jul mdama’s super lame death in the first level of the game. - Short campaign (no where near what they said it was going to be not to mention the levels that are just walking around talking for 2 minutes.) - Chief is on present for 3 out of 15 levels? (Not that big of an issue but the plot only seemed to move along with the BT missions) - Alongside above point Locke + osiris feels like they were forced on us. - Hunt the truth is completely ignored. Might as well have never happened. - Bad cliffhanger ending is bad.
    MP cons:

  • Severe lack of content at launch. - Barely any maps (there’s 28 but they’re all split across different gametypes, and the breakout ones are the majority). - No gametype variety at all. this is the biggest one. Seriously, we need more gametypes already. this is just borderline ridiculous at this point. - All the Free DLC is stuff that should just be here at launch in the first place - Warzone boss kill stealing is still a big problem and so far the only response is 343 mocking us with a “funny” little video. - Majority of armor looks really bad. It’s not an opinion, there’s so many ugly armor sets out there. It feels like they made as many as possible to try to sell more reqs.misc cons:

  • Forge’s file share is half baked. (which is mind boggling since forge was delayed to begin with, why not a fully functional file share?). - Game is lacking in general. 343’s population plan for maintaining population is a bad one. If they had all that free content at launch the population numbers probably wouldn’t drop? It’s actually likely that all the free dlc was cut from the final product to begin with. - Splitscreen… I’m not going into depth into this one. Its been discussed to death. But it’s still a big con. - Lack of customization. Why was this downgraded? - req system is used for everything, everything you can unlock is rng. - Customs game is lacking. Although once forge is here it will probably improve.That’s about it. I probably missed a few here and there, so if there is anything I missed let me know and I’ll add it.