Halo 5 Promethean Sub Boss

in Halo 5 there needs to be a sub boss kind of like tatarus from Halo 2. in Halo 4 Spartan Ops I’ve only seen one sub boss Tek. the Prometheans really need a sub boss Who would stand out from the rest of the Prometheans. in addition this sub boss needs his own special music kick -Yoink- music that let’s you know he ain’t fooling around. Master Chief himself cannot take down this boss just because he would be too powerful. the sub boss would still take orders from the Didact himself but give orders to the weaker prometheans.

Sounds like a good idea. It may sound a little reminiscent of Gears with Skorge/Raam but i think it could work out well. Just make it so the boss is defeatable by Master Chief, because you see how well the Didact turned out, he was basically unbeatable.

The Promethean Knights themselves should have been sub-bosses.