Halo 5 progress not updating in waypoint

Hey there, I just recently got into a completionist mode and started to earn many achievements on the Steam MCC Version when I noticed that many other stats are wrong on my profile.
My Profile claims I have finished 10/15 Levels of H5 when I have completed the campaign on Legendary. I can see all my correct stats on my Xbox when I boot the game but Waypoint is not updating them, even if I complete additional levels. It also claims I have 15 out of 13 Skulls, when I don’t have all of them.

Is there a way to force the game to update it’s stats on Waypoint or is this a known bug?

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There is a problem with the Legacy Stats and Halo 5 stats at the moment. Remarkably my MCC appears to be correct.

I noticed that my Halo 5 says I’ve only beaten the campaign on Normal, despite having completed it on Solo Legendary and having all of the achievements in the game.

The other people I check have incorrect Legacy stats, but their Halo 5’s show Legendary completion - only mine is incorrectly showing normal.

That said I played a game of Fiesta this morning to see if the data would update.

My games played count did increase, but my Legendary completion did not appear.

My main concern is that the Legacy Stats are completely gone for everyone, but Halo 5’s issues are a problem too. I have the 15/13 skulls collected as well.

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Same issue for me regarding halo 5 campaign completion tracking in waypoint.

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