Halo 5 preorders and sales

First of all, I would like to know if you guys have preordered Halo 5, and if you haven’t do you plan to pre order it? Secondly, do you think Halo 5 launch day sales will beat Halo 4 launch say sales? Halo 4 made 220 million in its first 24 hours. In order for Halo 5 to beat this figure then it must sell nearly 3.7 million copies in its first 24 hours. Do you think this is possible for Halo 5 to do? Considering it has the disadvantage of being on a new console that hasn’t had nearly as many copies sold as its predecessor, the 360.

Also, I forgot to point out that Halo 5 currently has 180,037 preorders and is currently seeing a weekly change of 4038 pre orders

I think it’s a “traditional American capitalist” way of thinking to imagine that a new title needs to beat the old title in sales in order for it to be “successful.” Obviously 343 and MS want Guardians to make as much money as possible, but the real questions are:

  • Will Guardians put 343 in the black or in the red?- Will Guardians drive console sales?- Will Guardians reclaim the competitive players lost in Reach and Halo 4?- Will Guardians undo the damage wrought by MCC?343 thinks that questions #1 and #2 are the most important, but I think #4 is critical. Maybe it’s strategy on their part. If we’re all so focused on them just getting the thing to function at launch then maybe people will be less critical of the controversial decisions like motion mechanics, ranking systems, etc.

Also: No, I haven’t pre-ordered and I won’t. Nothing political, I just never do. I always wait and buy on launch day.

343 wants money. That’s it.

. I just want Halo to make a lot of sales and I want 343 to succeed. Because without 343 there isn’t any Halo.

Haven’t pre ordered yet. still waiting for the announcements of the editions.

Yeah I think Microsoft will announce the bonuses soon. Also if August 11th is truly the release date then Microsoft needs to start advertising for Halo 5 very soon in order to get it the hype it needs.

I pre ordered it like 2 days before from jb … Thank god I did it is absolutely amazing! 343 should be really proud because they have done an outstanding job! Complete home run.

I like everything from the new mechanics, to Spartan Locke to all the different modes … possibly my favourite game of all time.