Halo 5 Positivity Megathread

Alright, so for the past 34 hours all I have seen as forum topics is complaints about the game. Whether it’s the pistol being too strong, REQs being too advantageous for a team in Warzones, the campaign story being mediocre, or the maps being too boring. All of the topics seem to be negative, so I thought I would start a thread where people can list all of the positive things about the game that they like so far! As Shakespeare said, “The empty vessel makes the loudest sound.”

I’ll start.

  • Warzones are awesome - I really like the REQ system - I haven’t had any connectivity issues with multiplayer - I’ve actually been able to communicate with pugs and work together towards an objective

Loving it so far. The tight controls and feel of the game overall - it ‘feels’ like the tightest Halo yet.

I know it’s unpopular, but I also really like the sprint, clamber, boost and ADS additions. It always seemed really odd to me that you would see Chief running in cutscenes and cinemas, but couldn’t in the game.

Also, the new active camo effect on the Sangheili looks stunning.

Finally, I really love the sound effects on the new plasma pistol! :slight_smile:

• Campaign was spectacular
• Loved playing as Locke
• Multiplayer is equally spectacular
• Warzobe is one of the greatest aspects of the already greatest Halo game

Those players that have an issue with the game will understandably be the most vocal, while the content majority are busy enjoying this awesome game.

The changes to the mechanics are grating on people at the moment, but I would prefer to have those small incremental changes rather than the same gameplay mechanics as previous games. I feel like Halo V really nails the mobility and strength of Spartans, which is really exciting.

I have only managed to play a few hours since release, and tonight I will get the chance to play properly and finish the campaign. I love the feel though, really positive addition to the series.

Yeah I actually forgot to mention that. Even though I didn’t at first, after some more playing I really like the controls. When I started up campaign the controls immediately felt like CoD to me, because they are mirror images of the controls, except that the Right Bumper and Right Thumbstick are switched, but now I’m really enjoying it. It just seems more functional. Also, they added the climbing ability, to where you can sprint jump - boost - and then climb up ledges you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. I like it.

Oh, forgot to mention - Frickin’ BLUE TEAM!!! At last! :slight_smile: