halo 5 opinion and expectations

well this is an impresive beta, had flaws like any other beta, the biggest problem i encountered is in breakout, when you spawn and there is lag you fall outside the map and you die. i liked that the granades are more realistic than other halos.
the halo 5 core its the best halo core.
i have played halo since i am 6 yo, and i m happy the way halo is going,
you stated that this will be a dark halo (story) so i hope the flood makes a comeback, make them very scary,
i think you should make a WWII style map, a blood gulch type.
the pegasus map make me think that there is going to be a big BTB like 10 vs10 or more
i think you should made the smg stock larger (style only) cause is now a 2 handed weapon because there is no dual wield. the maps are very intense.
i hope you make the SAW again, less fire rate more power than the AR. the AR should be white and black, the br looks bad -Yoink- but the br color is blue(ammo count), dmr should habe amoo count like the predecessor.
also i hope you make a falcon and hornet style vehicles,
i noticed that in the intro cinematic there is 3 extra humans (and the brs are classic( hope is a mistake)) that means a 4 player coop campaign, for the mc campaing i think the other players are blue squad.
if the flood makes a comeback, a firefight flood style mode called swarm(or whatever you like) where if you die you control a flooded spartan against your friends,
a spartan ops comeback would be nice, so does a firefight mode.
i hope you make infected spartans in the infection mode look like real flooded spartans without shield.
and please do not revive cortana in this game, it would make halo 4 useless
a johnson AI would be nice (but ridiculous, its a strange idea )
spartan costumization:
visor(should -Yoink!- HUD)
glove armor
calf and the front part
decals (like the burn in the recruit armor but for all armors but appliable in all armors)
damage decals level ( scraches, bullet holes and more) that would be nice.
thanks 343I for making a beta
and weapon camos(only start weapons)
P.S. a second beta should be nice(BTB and diferents)