Halo 5; nothing for beating it on legendary!?

I recently beat the halo 5 campaign and realized that the game did not give me anything other than the achievement. I am not one of those people who really care about gamerscore so I’m a little disappointed at this. It seems like in every other halo you unlock special armor, emblem, visor, etc. and to me it feels like I kind of got jiped. Does anyone else feel the same or am I the only person to feel a little let down?

The whole point of gamer score is for bragging rights. Like do you wish for a banner to tell everyone you beat it on legendary? There’s no other in game reward for it, so what… If you didn’t enjoy playing it on Legendary that’s unfortunate for you.

Why is everyone on this forum feel so entitled and so many just complain??

You get nothing.

Yeah, quite disappointing. Especially after the last Warden fight.
There are quite the amounts of armor available, but I guess we need to grind all those req points instead of doing campaign Achievements. I mean, it was never wished for long before Microtransactions that we should be able to unlock armor through achievements. /s

You beat it on legendary, big whoop! The real reward should be for those who complete the game LASO(Mythic) or who go out of the way to unlock every achievement. Good job, but you don’t get a reward for going potty in the toilet as an able adult in the real world.

Hell The Last Warden Fight Was A Pain Mainly Due To The Fact That Your AI Teammates can’t help revive you once your down. But They Defenently should give you some loot for finishing it…maybe something for laso as well

Or you can skip the last warden fight and just walk past them.

I couldn’t care less about achievements. It would have been nice to get some unique armor or REQ packs. Very disappointing.

This has been known since day 2 at least. Stop making forums about it… We all know that you don’t get anything from completing the game on legendary (sadly)

What all the Campaign lacked:
Campaign theater mode.
Campaign Scoring (team and FFA)
Campaign matchmaking (Heroic difficulty, because achievements)
Campaign commendations. (Enemies, vehicles, weapons[including hidden legendary weapons] etc.)
Experience towards rank.
REQ points earned in campaign.
And some special armor or skins for beating it Legendary.
Bandana Skull for the heck of it. (Besides, they invented it for Halo remakes, but didn’t include it in their own game?)

I don’t understand how expecting something for beating it on Legendary would be entitled. Every other Halo game has done so, why should Halo 5 be the exception?