Halo 5 not working? Are servers having issues?

ok, so Halo 5 was working fine earlier this morning which makes this even stranger. when I boot up Halo 5 it seems fine, nothing wrong, reqs load fine, and can check my spartan. But then things get bad, when I click the Arena or Warzone tabs I get “connecting to servers”, which then stays there, I then have to quit and restart. It works fine then, but only for Arena, I have had no luck getting into Warzone. Next is forge, I am ready to kill forge, either I don’t connect, getting the “disconnected from server” in a different language or even glitched numbers at times. I get into the game, but then kicked about minute or two later, or my personal favorite, the menu decide to stay stuck on Fathom and not change maps no matter how many times I try.

This was not happening earlier, And it has not stopped since it started, some other things to happen are all the gametype tabs on matchmaking dimming out, so I can’t access them, getting the forge menu when clicking on BTB in arena, getting the main menu behind the forge menu instead of the picture of chosen map, having to click the leave menu button after a game in MM to change gametypes like 20 times before working, Theater not working at all or the game crashing altogether.

when I do get into a game, the game works fine, until I try going into forge or when I boot up the game and met with the “connecting to servers” message when trying to connect to arena or warzone.

What the heck is going on? so many issues and glitches just randomly happening.

Same thing is happening to me… I gave up and put in Master Chief collection.