Halo 5 - Not receiving awarded req packs

When you win a war zone or Arena game, you win three things… One is experience, another is req points and there is a third symbol at the top of the Carnage report that is blue… I THOUGHT that little blue symbol meant how many req packs I have one, I thought this because it always match the number of packs I got to open… But as of the last few days, I have not received any Rec packs even if that number says 5, 4, 1, 3 or whatever…help???

I should note too that I still get level up packs, daily log in and win packs…but never any gold or silver packs

Same here, I’ve been playing multiple games of Warzone Firefight last 2 days and I am not recieving and req packs at all. Only time I get any packs is when I promote to new rank or daily log in pack, but nothing at all after my matches even though it says I was awarded some.

Same here! Didn’t get a load of packs & no sign of anyone from 343 to help with this