Halo 5 Noble armor!

Just wanted to know everyone’s opinion on the revival of Reach’s commando armor now named Noble! Personally it was my favorite helmet in reach and i am so pumped to see it return in halo 5, especially that legendary Honor skin for the armor set! so does anyone love the new design just as much as i do?

I would and different odst varients

I like it but it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as Reach’s did.

I love how they have both Reach and halo 4 commando variants. Instead of picking sides, they put both in. I think that was a very wise choice by 343i.

I never liked it. Bring back MP and CQB!

I’m still waiting for the operator from reach. But yeah i’m loving the commando helmet

Still haven’t gotten it from a req pack but thisll probably be the armor set ill use with Bucks helmet.

Definitely the best armour in the game. I’m so happy that I unlocked the suit for it!