Halo 5 news?

It’s early, but do you guys think 343 will reveal more information about what actually happened in halo 4’s ending such as revealing some plots in halo 5 or will they wait a long time before doing that?

I don’t want to wait like another 5 years for halo 5 to come out to find out what happened in the cliffhanger.

Most likely at the next E3 they will. But if you’d like info asap I’d suggest watching halo4follower or by the time news for it comes halo5follower on youtube. He’s a great person who gathers the news and is just fun to watch.

I’m not too familiar with E3.
When is the next 1?

> I’m not too familiar with E3.
> When is the next 1?


I didn’t really feel like there was a huge cliffhanger. Other than Cortana, really. It was a pretty straight ending. The main reason why it feels like a cliffhanger is because we know there will be a Halo 5.

I think they did that because we will have to wait till the next xbox to have the next Halo.

And E3 is in June.


They’ll probably go down the Activision route and crap out a new Halo every year.