Halo 5: New Machinima Controls!

Hey everyone! We’ve just added some brand new Machinima controls into Halo 5. To find these settings, go to Custom Games -> Select a game type -> Settings -> Machinima Control [ON]

Here are how the custom controls work (default control setting):

  • Lower Weapon: Hold X and D-pad down for two seconds - Detach camera in gameplay: Hold X and D-pad up for two seconds - Toggle camera control mode when detached (Normal and Pan): Hold X and press d-pad left - Toggle between Spartan and camera control when detached: Press View button - Display Spartan/camera position coordinates: Hold X and press d-pad rightWe hope you enjoy, and look forward to your feedback! This update has also been added to the patch notes.



I dont do machinima, mainly because i dont really know how, but i enjoy watching others, so on behalf on myself and others, THANK YOU!


That’s freaking awesome. Does weapon lowering work in WarZone? I would love to be able to draw on people. It is silly but I think it would be fun lol.

Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work guys!

Why does 343 hate the community and repeatedly cut community featu…oh.


God, I was worried about machinima in Halo 5, but these options are just…hell yeah!

Great. Can you now fix your servers?

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> Great. Can you now fix your servers?

There’s always “that guy” that shows up…

AW YEAH :smiley:

This. Now this is how you get a community back!

WHAAAAATTT??? YAYYYYYY!!! :smiley: Thank you so much for adding this feature! Today is a great day in Halo 5. <3 <343

Yes! I wonder if this could lead to 3rdperson game types?..


This is… perfect.

has anyone had any problems with matches on maps you’ve forged, saved, and played on in customs not appearing in theater?

Hate to be that guy buy these settings are NOT under custom games cannot be found.

Edit: TO be much clearer YOU must click on a gamemode. So slayer and its there.

> - Toggle between Spartan and camera control when detached:

If we can do what I think we can do with this, there will some crazy creations.