Halo 5 Needs Something to Pull Players In

As of now, Halo 5 feels pretty boring.

I mean, I still play it, but only a couple of matches a day.
I find myself playing MCC more lately, pretty much only for Team Snipers (Which Halo 5 should absolutely get as a permanent playlist).

I just can’t emphasize it enough, I HATE the grind that usually ends with me getting absolutely nothing of worth.
I need some real reasons to come back to Halo 5 and play the s*** out of it because, as of right now, Halo 5 is just a game I drop in and out of.

I wish I could say I love Halo 5 and can’t stop playing it even months after launch, but I just can’t bring myself to say that.
Anyone here on Forums feel the same way?