Halo 5 needs more vehicles

I think Halo 5 needs new vehicles, be it vehicles from past Halos or completely new ones. I think the only new vehicles in Halo 5 are the Phaeton and the scout warthog (I can’t think of anything else).
I would really like some of the old vehicles back to add more variation. For instance the warthog, spectre and prowler would add better gameplay variation then 3 warthogs against each other. Better yet we can have better air combat with the inclusion of the Hornet and Falcon. It would be the first time we had more then 2 flyable vehicles. So far all these old vehicles add so much more teamwork to Halo, the only vehicle that really involves teamwork is the warthog. It would be nice to have more teamwork involved in Halo with the vehicle side of things. The revenant, elephant, and transport hog would be a nice touch as well.
Now brand new vehicles would be cool too. Maybe another Mech for UNSC or maybe on for the Covenant. I can’t really think of new vehicles but Halo Wars has several unique ones that would be new for the fps Halo games. I just think the vehicles are the same old same old. The mantis and phaeton are the only new vehicles since Halo Reach. Halo Reach introduced the Falcon, Revenant and… Rocket Hog? (I think the Rocket Hog was new in Reach) I’d much rather use the Spectre then warthog to change up my gameplay. The elephant is a moving base and was only on one multiplayer map. Imagine a full blown match with a elephant as the base, falcon, hornet, phaeton, and banshee fighting in the sky with a spectre and warthog driving by. This may be too big of a battle that can happen in Halo 5 but still the thought of all any of those vehicles fighting one another is amazing. Please 343 just bring back the old and also include the new instead of just slightly changing the vehicles we have now. Then for Halo 6 just port them over from Halo 5. Porting them into forge and doing what you want for Campaign, vehicle wise.
I’m sure there won’t be any new vehicles anytime soon or at all, probably not at all.
My ideal vehicle list is

  • Elephant - Revenant - Falcon - Hornet - Spectre - Prowler - Ant-Air Wraith - ChopperA different variety of wrongs would be cool as well. The grenade launcher is unique and so is the sticky detonate. The brute shot, flamethrower, and so many other weapons would good to include. So are brand new weapons.

Well said. The more the merrier especially if the vehicles add a unique style of play and strategy as the falcon, hornet and chopper do.

They definitely need new vehicles espacially air vehicles.
pilotable Pelican anyone?

Maybe we won’t see these vehicles in Halo 5, but I pray that Halo 6 is just filled with weapons and vehicles.

More vehicles would be very welcome