Halo 5 Needs Grinding Achievements

I would like to see some (non resetting ; ) ) MP grinding achievements for Halo 5, and because it’s probably too late to add those now, for Halo 6.

I feel some brows being raised left and right, but I feel that’s because the bad ‘progress reset’ and the ‘lackluster medal registering’ experiences you had at MCC. If the achievement tracking system wotks normally, they should add a second purpose to playing Halo MP longer or at all for some people. I myself played so much more MCC than I normally would, simply because of the many extreme achievements like the ‘500 match wins’ one.

Sure, I love Halo so much that I can do without…but tbh, Im more of a campaign guy. A few MP rounds are fun but I don’t really have a goal or something when I play them. So after 3-4 games I usually had enough fun. Im rather inclined to dice into a story (Fallout 4 right now) than play the same MP over and over again without a higher goal to it. I know achiev don’t matter either, but I personally love to go after them.

I don’t think I ever played a lot of of Halo MP, let alone now that I have less time. On MCC though, I racked up 1000+ matches because those ridiculous achievements became that missing goal.

Point is, those hardcore longterm achievements really extends the shelf life of a halo game to me and surely others. It adds a sortof purpose for playing, as the pure fun wears off quickly after a couple of matches for me somehow.

Do you guys feel the same? Also, how many Guardians matches can you play in one setting before you are satisfied?

As someone who has every Halo achievement at the moment, grinding achievements are tedious and cheap ways to extend a game’s shelf life. Commendations already fill that niche to a degree, but overall achievements that require hundreds of stupid medals or kills is not fun and people will boost for it anyways. Halo 5’s achievements are nice, no grinding and all fun.