Halo 5 needs fixed

Anyone else think halo 5 needs fixed? For me, they had the multiplayer down in Halo 4. Here are a few things:

-Banning system is broken, specifically grifball. So easy to betray players by accident. My friend got kicked 3 games in a row because of betraying when going for the ball and his ban time was 2 hours? WTF 343? So we had to mindlessly play warzone just to kill time.
-Aiming in Halo 4 was perfect. It was great being shot at but still being able to ADS, why change this?
-Trying to run away while being shot is impossible. Getting shot slows you down which is infuriating
-Matchmaking system in Warzone is needed. Every game I play we either get destroyed or destroy the enemy team. Very few games have been close.
Even if anyone agrees or disagrees, it would be great for some replies with your thoughts

If anything needs to be fixed, it’s the god -Yoink!- Master Chief Collection. Halo 5 has it good.

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> If anything needs to be fixed, it’s the god -Yoink!- Master Chief Collection. Halo 5 has it good.

I’m not saying Halo 5 is bad, but improvement like these would make it better and I agree with that. MCC was terrible

Well, actually, now that I’ve fully understood your post, and now that I’m less angry about the state of the MCC;

Point 1: The aiming was changed because flinch is not a beneficial mechanic to Halo. That is why descope returned, because a lot people absolutely hated flinch in Halo 4.

Point 2: when you say “run away”, I’m going to assume you mean sprint. The reason why sprint has a warm up is similar to the above reason; people do not like sprint in Halo (besides the very vocal people that do), and 343i wants sprint in Halo, so they tried to “balance” sprint with Halo 5.

Point 3: Warzone has a matchmaking system. It’s called selecting Warzone and waiting for the system to match you with 23 other newbs.