Halo 5 Needs Competitive Ranks




I agree and feel that most of the die hard Halo community would agree with everything in these videos. 343 needs to listen up. This guy knows what he is talking about!

From what I have heard of the resume and reputation of the guy that is new to 343 for their ranking system, we are in good hands there. As long as none of his overseers that want to coddle less skilled players and turn in ranking system into participation trophies let him do his thing, I believe that we will get something good.

A good ranking system can go a long way in the atmosphere and longevity of H5, but if the gameplay is terrible with many of the same problems as H4 like no descope, flinch, AAs everywhere, weird personal ordinances, bolt shots on spawns, sprint dictating our maps, etc… The game will still never be living up to its’ full potential.

Agreed. Participation trophies are a no no. Competitive ranks keep the game fresh and interesting.

Sprint ruined the map design in my opinion for the last two games, as did Ordinance drops, Customizable loadouts, and AA.