Halo 5 needs bloom to add more skill to shooting

Regardless of what anybody says, bloom was a good addition to add the Halo series. Bloom creates a larger skill gap and it will also help with the extremely fast kill-time issues which is something that bothers a large part of the Halo community. I know the complaints from Halo Reach was that bloom adds randomness so, the solution would be not to make the bloom as strong as it was in Halo Reach. By doing this bloom will slow down the Kill Times and increase the skill gap. All that needs to be done is decrease the bloom size so things are less random. It has to be balanced in the sweet spot with just enough bloom for skill to be involved but just little bloom that randomness is not involved. Currently and if you watch all the gameplay videos, people are just spamming there weapons especially the AR and BR and the SMG.

I agree whole heartedly. The kill times are undesirably fast. I think the bigger problem is that we have not come to accept that it is 2015, and time to move on from fps games just being about running around a boxed map and gunning.

I think Bdobbins is correct when he says fps games as a whole need to innovate and not just “balance” stale gameplay.

I realized I used to put my 2¢ all the time what halo needs this and that, but what it really needs is to create fresh experiences.

I like to not have the game choose who wins and loses because it said so. It gets frustrating as all hell when you can do something right, and still get it wrong because the player did it wrong and got it right. This is evident in long range combat with DMRs in Reach and was one of the primary complaints about the game.

I much prefer a system that requires practice to aim, such as the recoil effect found on Counter Strike and Planetside 2. In those games, if you want to go full automatic, you must learn the pattern a gun recoils and control the gun while fighting, which is harder in practice than it is in theory.

We can also lower thr bullet magnetism and increase player movement speed for strafing as well to help give players a better defense against weapons.

For the close range weapons, it is fine to have bloom because it gives them the power they need at close range and allow mid and long range precision weapons (that have a steady rate of damage across all ranges) to be effective at their ranges. Add bloom to the mid and long range guns and you will be playing roulette and reintroduce a feature that frustrated players.

There are better ways to deal with the problem. Throwing in bloom is not one of them.

I really hope this is a troll thread.

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> I really hope this is a troll thread.

I’m afraid it isn’t. It shows that people would rather prefer bloom with all its problems to the low TTK that H5 has introduced…

A repeat of reach is a bad thing. I HATED bloom and only played zero blood playlists

Reported for trolling.

Bloom isn’t needed. We already have spread on AR’s and people have to be accurate with the BR in order to get the quick kills. The DMR would be the only weapon to need bloom. and it already has a ROF nerf so it’s not as spammy.

The game already teaches people to be accurate. Bloom isn’t going to help that.

Lmao you start a discussion with “regardless what anybody says” that makes sense

Bloom adds skill? LOL. dude…

no bloom…

-Yoink- no, bloom was the worst thing that ever happened to Halo’s gameplay.

Adding random elements to the game actually decreases the skill gap. For example: Player A is a Halo god. Player B is a total newbie. Normally, Player A will kill Player B most of the time. With bloom, however, the delta between the two players is actually lowered. Player A’s best case scenario is that he/she wins a fight he/she would’ve won anyway. Player B’s worst case scenario is that he/she loses a fight he/she would’ve lost anyway. If you want to increase the skill gap, simply reduce aim assist and magnetism while increasing kill times. Aiming is harder, and each player has more opportunities to screw up, increasing the skill gap.

I can see where you’re coming from here and I agree with the idea behind what you’re saying. The problem is that in the past bloom for the precision rifles and spread for the automatic rifles has been seen as something that’s going to allow bullets to be placed on the target instead of something that’s going to cause them to miss.

Bloom and spread should be seen as a deterrent and punishment that’s going to cause your weapons kill time to go up when you don’t time your shots or fire in small controlled bursts.

There’s probably a lot that can be done to improve the system so that it’ll meet this goal, unfortunately I’m still working on the exactly the adjustments should be.

Alternatively removing spread and bloom completely and replacing it with predictable weapon recoil could be what we’re looking for.

I liked bloom, but then again I like sprint so I’m pretty sure I’m an outcast here.

Bloom wasn’t painful for me as it was to many. I probably lost less than 100 fights because of bloom most of the time it worked to my advantage as I was good at pacing my shots based on distance to target.

> 2535410922432076;4:
> I really hope this is a troll thread.

No, bloom sucked big time. It was randomness incarnate. I remember Reach would always say “pace your shots to become a deadlier soldier” yet people could and would just spam the -Yoink- out of me and win because luck of the draw bloom would award them the headshot while my bullets would miss all the time or I’d be dead already even though I was pacing my shots. There’s being able to control your weapon (I’m in favor of tweaks to weapon control) and then there’s putting in some half-baked mechanic like bloom to do it.

If you want slower killtimes ask for tweaked RoFs and changes to aim assist and magnetism as well as RRR because bloom doesn’t make the game take more skill. It just allows the spammers who fire indiscriminately to get amazing lucky kills(e.g. Assault rifle spray head shots from the H5 beta).

Bloom in now way, shape or form adds to the shooting skill gap…

NO. This adds a bit of randomness to fighting and forces the player to not use a weapon to its full potential. I am fine with the minimal bloom we have now, but bringing it back to how it was in Reach completely ruins the game. I think learning to aim right and dealing with recoil is enough.

bloom = skill? hahahahahahaha