Halo 5 Needs a Solo Queue

Hi, First let me start off by saying this is the first forum post I have made on HaloWaypoint and it is because I am fed up with their match making system. My name is Jeremy “Quantummm” Long and I have been playing halo since Halo 1 and love the series and its competitiveness. However Halo 5’s matchmaking needs to be fixed because “solo” players get matched up against teams and this makes the game unfair while also very frustrating for solo players. Players have been complaining about this since release and even now with the new Social CTF playlist teams are still thrashing solo players. I don’t know how big of a deal this is at lower ranks but I am a solo onyx/champion player and it drives me crazy playing against teams when I search solo. I don’t know why 343 hasn’t addressed this issue yet but it honestly makes me not play their game solo even though I love the game play. Not only that but it makes the rank of champion pointless for all Solo players out there since it is mainly just team of 4’s that you verse at that level… If there was just a single playlist called “Mercenary Arena” that was all the “Team Arena” game types just you had to search solo I would play a lot more Halo 5. This would also promote players to use their mics in-game because there would be fewer people in party chats. Lastly this would also make the Onyx/Champion ranks much more accurate to the individual players skill and allow for solo players to get rankings and matches they deserve.

Dang. That’s actually a good idea… Better than the opponents shouldn’t be allowed to crouch mid firefight or strafe. But having more queues that only allow fireteam of 1 would be a bit better than being against full fireteam.