Halo 5 needs 10+ Classic Halo maps in next updates

Halo 5’s maps are just plain and inferior to maps from HCE, H2, H3, and Reach (ignoring H4’s since they are just about as bad as H5’s). Instead of adding more trash Req’s for people to throw money senselessly at, how about putting in real maps people will want to play on. This would also mean no more ugly made in Forge maps or remixed H5 maps as cheap substitutes to the real ones. Also let’s not alter these classic maps like how Truth & Regret jumbled thing up. Obviously some minor adjusting maybe needed for some classic maps but not to the point where they seem 100% altered for the worse. Here are some suggestions for Maps that should be added to H5 in my opinion:

Rat Race
High Ground
Snow Bound
Anchor 9
Sword Base

Im sorry but the (default) maps in reach were way worse. Worst in the series imo

They are. They said that they were incorporating a classic playlist in the upcoming update. These playlist will be community created remakes of classic maps.

I’d rather see original maps that play well, and get the classics as remakes in Forge.

They have to alter the maps to accommodate for the new movement abilities. Let the old maps be where they are, in our memories. I do not want any more maps dragged through the mud.

Also, I bet you the majority of those maps have already been remade in forge, which do look really good.

So, instead of Remixed Maps that are somewhat different from their original, 343i should just add Remade Maps identical to their original? Not to mention that they’ll never release 5 maps from the same source, which is also considered one of the worst Halos in terms of Multiplayer by a majority of long-time Halo fans. Besides, most of the Halo Reach maps are remakes themselves.

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> I’d rather see original maps that play well, and get the classics as remakes in Forge.

My thoughts the same.

Sure forge map still don’t look as nice as decided maps, but they still look pretty damn good.

The Reach launch maps were pretty terrible, so no, I don’t wish to have them back if we’re getting a classic playlist. I’m all open arms to Halo 2 and 3 remakes, though.