Halo 5: My Thoughts

I have read a few posts about people griping what the new Halo should have and figured I would make my own.

A little background first, I started playing Halo 2 in the Christmas of 2004 and haven’t stopped playing Halo games since. So I have had my fair share of Halo experience across nearly every Halo game (I hated Halo Wars).

The latest installation of Halo 4 has been a rollercoaster ride. Multiple updates have made the game competitive and fun again, but it is still lacking the things that made the other popular Halo games what they were.

Halo 5 is going to need to bring back that magic that made Halo 2 and Halo 3 the top games in their respective eras. Reach was popular, but was outclassed by other games at the time. However, I think with the drastic variations across the Halo games from title to title has resulted in select group of gamers/fans for each game.

My thoughts/suggestions for Halo 5:

1.) offer playlists/gametypes that bring the elements from the other games (i.e. a Reach playlist with bloom and everything else from Reach, a Halo 3 playlist with bubble shields and everything else from Halo 3, a Halo 4 playlist with loadouts and ordinances and everything else from Halo 4, etc.) This will ensure the fans of certain Halo games can enjoy their favorite Halo game on Halo 5, but also include the new elements of Halo 5 for the gamers/fans who like the changes between Halo game. I think with this implementation, the Halo 5 population will be booming.

2.) implement am in game ranking system. Not the Reach or Halo 4 ranking systems which required a website to determine your rank. I know a lot of people liked Halo 3, but its ranking system was flawed. You had people who were stuck at a certain rank because TrueSkill determined that was what rank they were. You also had people selling accounts that had the rank of 50. The best ranking system in my opinion was Halo 2. It was easy and competitive. You won, your rank went up. You lost, your rank went down. The added graphics around each rank, like the blue circle thing around the 27 rank and the red one around the 28 rank made it that much more satisfying when you ranked up and made you want to keep playing if you ranked down and lost that little graphic or color around your name. If Halo 5 implements this sort of ranking system for each playlist, like Halo 2 did, then I am sure the population playing Halo 5 will be consistent in the first few months of the release.

3.) Dedicated servers. One of the main gripes about Halo games over the past decade has been the connection issues and exploits. In Halo 2, you had people who first used Stand-By to exploit the connection. Then you also had bridgers, circle boosters, and modders. Halo 3, Reach, and Halo 4 do not have as many connection exploits that I know of or have experienced. The host seems to do a little bit more damage than another player. The connection issues, especially in Halo 4 are very frustrating. I would chalk up 10% to 20% of my time gaming on Halo 4 has been in black screen or playing a game with lag. These would all be solved with dedicated servers.

4.) Clan List. One of the things that made Halo great, and makes it still great today are clans. Halo 2 was a mainstay for clans and you saw the huge emergence of KSI clans. But more than a group of people who say they are in a clan together, was the actually clan list and playlists. You could assign people Overlords, Staff, Members, or even Peons and not only that, but having actual matchmaking amongst clans made it really fun and competitive.

I have others, but I found that this is getting lengthy. I will add more if this turns into a good discussion.

#3 is confirmed.

These all sound like pretty reasonable requests for a halo game to have. I would definitely love to see the return of clans. Not just having the similar emblems but having a list with your name on it and having official rankings in game. I also think that the first suggestion can be done easily. As long as they make it so that loadouts and personal ordnance are custom features that can be turned off, then it could definitely be implemented into matchmaking. I think the biggest trick however, is to get the map designs right. There were not really any maps in the Reach or 4.

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