Halo 5, My thoughts/ Ideas

Here are my thoughts, complaints, praises, and ideas for halo 5, multiplayer in particular. Let me know what you think

  1. Maps are too small, they feel too fast paced, and there are too many corners to hide behind and recharge your shields while in a fire fight, making it very difficult to complete a long range fire fight. Maybe its not an issue for those of you who enjoy fast paced AR melee combos, but for me, I enjoy the long range head shot skill match ups. In addition camping seems to be a big issue, but that may be more of a community thing.

  2. Spawns are terrible. Spawn camping is worse, Ive died, and spawned in the same place with my body still falling at my feet. This needs fixed, but maybe it goes along, in part, with the size of the maps.

  3. I do not care for the ranking system as it stands. I do like having a rank and the bragging rights surrounding it but The multiplayer feels too competitive now. I can’t relax and play anymore, its very intense and stressful always worrying about my rank dropping if I loose a match. Perhaps limit SWAT and Breakout to ranked and leave the rest unranked and more casual? I feel those are the most skill oriented game types anyway, slayer being mostly about getting the power weapons and as opposed to being skilled at head shots. Also, assuming swat and breakout become the only ranked game modes, or a similar fix is implemented, put everyone of all ranks in the queue for non ranked matches. If I’m Onyx and in the (lets say) top 10 % of players, I should be going 15-2 in my games, not 10-9 because I’m playing with people of my skill level. Your KD means nothing now, I may have a 1.2, and my buddy has a 4.0, but I can consistently win against him, but my KD doesn’t reflect that because I play at a higher level, and that doesn’t seem right to me. Ranked matches however, you should obviously play with people at your skill level. Bringing me to my next point;

  4. If you are not ranked, you play in bronze and silver for the duration of your ranking process. I’m sick of trying to carry Onyx ranked matches with two or three unranked people who are not at the same skill level. Nothing against them, its not their fault, but I shouldn’t have to worry about my team mates going 2-15 every other game while I go 15-6 and get demoted. People frequently compare the Halo ranking system to the league of legends system, and if I recall, 343 even made the connection at some point, but why not just use their whole system? It works beautifully, I enjoy the competitiveness of the ranked matches and can usually feel pretty good knowing my team mates are around my skill level. But being able to play norms and relax a little bit between ranked games is great, just to reiterate my discontent with the current system.

  5. I like the new sprint/sheild recharge system, I think it was a great compromise between no sprint, and running away from fights all the time. The gameplay feels awesome, very smooth and fluid and (using the recon button layout) very natural, and intuitive. Great job 343.

  6. Warzone is awesome, but I’m missing big team battle a little bit too, I suppose war zone assault is fairly close and I guess that’s a good compromise, maybe big team battle is coming in the future though? I havn’t looked into it. Any hopefully some more lighthearted game modes are coming up too!

  7. Really excited for forge! I don’t mind waiting til December, from what Ive seen its really going to be something!

  8. Still wish we had a UNSC flying vehicle. Hopefully in the future! Seems almost like a sin to not have one at this point. Sparrow, Falcon, or Hornet would be amazing!

  9. Not sure what the penalties for leaving matches or afking is, but I guess they are aren’t strict enough because about every 1in 4 games someone leaves and its kind of annoying.

Welp, those are my thoughts, what do you guys think? Thanks