Halo 5 must feel HALO

First sorry for my grammar, I´m not english.

I don´t understand why 343 try do “other different saga” based in Halo universe… Halo 4 doesn´t feel like Halo and I don´t understand.

I play Halo why I like and love Halo games. I don´t want play other generic and futiristic shooter.

Halo has been always greats games and then come 343i with Halo 4 and broke all. Why?? I don´t play Mass Effect shooter, I don´t play Killzone with shiny colors. If I buy a Xbox 360 and Xbox One is for play HALO.

If 343 change aesthetic, weapons, models, and the core playable why must buy the game?


I’d like to throw in some cortana dialogue about how it " feels real" but I can’t remember the exact line.

So lets just grow feelers.

343: “Trust us” … Never again.

I really don’t understand where the “HALO 4 DUN FEELZ LIKE HALO” claim comes from.

While Halo 4 did have its differences, you really can’t say that it isn’t “Halo”

Are ODST, Reach, Spartan Assault, and Wars not “Halo”?

What Halo feels like is pretty debatable from person to person.

Halo Reach didn’t feel “Halo”, Halo 4 was much better in that respect if you ask me. But as said before, the matter is debatable and we’re better off discussing what Halo can become instead of fighting about what it used to be and what it used to feel like.

The only thing 343i needs to get better at is the MP imo, weapon and character designs etc are good. And Halo 4 does feel like Halo to me.

Didn’t you make a thread just like this what, 2 days ago?

  1. Why even blame 343? Bungie started it with reach.

  2. New company “new” halo. Every person has their own idea of a game or what have you. This is 343’s vision. You can choose not to enjoy it but simply patronizing them and other harsh things is just uncalled for. That would be like me calling your ideas stupid just because i didn’t enjoy them.

  3. I have been playing halo since a year after CE’s release. I enjoyed halo reach and halo 4 a ton. I feel like i am playing a halo game. My friends feel the same way and i know we are not the only ones. This again falls under different perspectives on what halo means to others. You can’t be wrong here.

I honestly don’t understand why people are making this a big deal. We have delt with a “different” halo for 3 years (reach) and halo 4 continued off of that.

Do you mean like that arena feel as in Halo3 or what are we talking about.

Halo 4 felt too much like COD to me. If I wanted to play COD I would…but I don’t. I miss the older Halo’s (1-3). Reach made me go “Meh” then Halo 4 just turned me off even more. If Halo 5 is much like Halo 4 I’ll probably just quit there. I was a dedicated Halo fan both for the story and the gameplay but with the direction it’s going I can’t see me following suit. My opinion.

To me the series has been losing it’s charm ever since Halo 3.
Reach felt like a Halo at core but with lots of unnecessary -Yoink- added in but Halo 4 just didn’t feel like Halo at all to me, and apparently to a large majority of the community as well.

Halo 4 felt like Halo, it just didn’t feel like ‘classic’ Halo. Of course classic is relative.