Halo 5 multyplayer becomes unplayable.

I am sure i am not the only one. I dont want to spread the hate with this post. But the multyplayer becomes after the last update even worse.

My U.i has more problems in displaying things, the updating of req points happens after half an hour, the connection to games is far more instable (i am using fokus search) The ranks are displayed nowhere, only on waypoint. In warzone my req enegy is not loading in some games, i use a req, it gets confirmed but i dont spawn with it, or get it in game.

I am getting sick of the more and more increasing bugs i have to deal with in halo 5, the U.i was a pain in the -Yoink- to use bevor but now it becomes even worse with these bugs.

Sounds like you need to do a hard reset of your console.

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> Sounds like you need to do a hard reset of your console.

Yeah TC, sounds like it’s just you. Not having any of the issues you listed.

any issue for me after the last update

I’ve had none of those problems.

I haven’t had any of those problems either, try resetting everything.

I’ve been having the same problems, resetting will not help. Every last one of my friends have been having these issues, and we are in three different countries. Each of these rushed updated dumps more bugs into the system, and the stability has been significantly declining for us with every update. As of now, we recieve one to multiple 1 to 3 second lag-freezes per match every couple of matches, and REQ points are always a match behind, and the REQ energy bug we have gotten but it is more rare. Console and router resets have not resulted in any changes, unfortunately.

The REQs not loading is an issue thats been off and on for people since launch. It doesn’t happen to me much anymore though, just if I join a Warzone Turbo match in progress, energy almost never loads in JIP turbo. My only issue I have had since the update is my sensitivity feels higher, and I almost always keep it at 0. Alot of people thought this game had slower sensitivity levels at launch, I thought the opposite personally. While it was a real nuisance at first I have adjusted and am getting more headshots once again.

Also I am one of the ones that’s been having sounds problems at the beginning of Warzone since the Ghosts of Meridian update, I don’t complain cus I really don’t care about the intro “music”/sounds for Warzone anyways

I live in New Jersey and I experience all these things. As do friends in Florida and Canada. And as others have mentioned, hard or soft resets of consoles, modems, and routers have not helped.

I’m not getting any of this?

The bug that the music wont play is also on the list but it is no problem.
I would maybe download the game again, if it wouldt take me 3 days straight to download all of it.