halo 5 multiplier must have Changes

look at this all of us saying we want halo the way it was because thats what made halo halo. this has been going on be for halo 4 even came out and not one would from 343 about it.i really am in a dry spell with my games because of this all i can think of was how fun halo use to be.the only chance halo will be back the way its suppose to be is if we get a bata but even if that does happen whos to say its not going to be like halo 4 again. well heres some help 343

  1. no load outs
    2.no perks
    3.no armor mods
    4.no instant spawning
    5.no ordnance drops
    6.no flinch
    7.weapons on maps
  2. descoping
    9.frienly fire
    10.5sec respawn
    11.dual welding
    12.every one has to start with the same weapon
    13.halo 2 style in game chat where you pressed a button to talk to your team and u if u dident your voice would come out the tv and every that was near you in the game can hear you
  3. now this is the hard part armor abilitys i liked them in reach except armor lock they can stay if its done rite these must go jet pack,armor lock, thruster pack,promethean Vision.
    15.no kill cam

> 1. no load outs

If you approach someone who has a plasma rifle in a hallway, what do you do, how do you react? If you see someone in an elevated position with a BR and all you have is an AR, how do you react?

Now, how does your answer to that question relate to if he spawned with it or walked a few feet and picked it up? It likely doesn’t.

Map control and weapon control are only significant when the items in discussion are power weapons, not your average peashooter.

> 4.no instant spawning

Optional, depends on game mechanics and gamemodes, so on. No reason to remove it completely.

> 11.dual welding

Creates useless half-weapons for the sake of a visual gimmick.

> 12.every one has to start with the same weapon

No, see above.