Halo 5 multiplayer servers

Hi everyone!
Just a quick question, is there a possibility of Halo 5’s multiplayer servers shutting down after a few months or a year after Halo: Infinite’s launch?
I don’t really like Halo 5’s campaign but, let’s be real here, the multiplayer is great.
What are your thoughts?

I don’t think so since they know a lot of people like halo 5 and may choose to play that instead of infinite.

EDIT: Also forgot to add that the legacy servers are only being shut down because they are games on an older console, halo 5 was made for the Xbox one and the Xbox one isn’t technically outdated since games that launch on the series x also launch on the Xbox one.

There are no plans right now to close off Halo 5

The server status at the moment is terrible for me, could be me or the fact that I face EU