Halo 5 multiplayer problems

From playing a few rounds I noticed a few problems

  1. Spawning
    The spawning on Truth is horrendous. I had to leave a game after being spawn killed by a prophets bane 5 times within 3 seconds of spawning. Also upon spawning being immediately shot at by BR’s and DMR’s within 2-3 seconds of spawning is ridiculous especially with the faster kill times.
  2. Kill time
    While faster kill time is amazing I noticed that now their is next to no chance of escaping from a fight which in the previous 5 halo’s was a huge tactic in fights. This might not have been an intention nor is it a huge problem im fine with faster kill times however, I noticed a lot of players complaining about the kill times.
  3. Fireteam joining
    I played a few rounds with my friends and it took significantly longer to find a game or would just kick us out causing a hard reset of Halo 5 Gaurdians beta to be able to find players. Right after leaving said fireteam solo queing I found a game within 20 seconds.
  4. CSR
    Before being ranked Semi-Pro I was being paired up with onyx’s, gold’s, silver’s etc. Which for me is not a big deal I don’t mind competition. But if no one on my team is ranked and results in a slaughter of my team excluding me then it becomes a problem. Pitting unskilled players vs skilled player’s isn’t a great way for them to become ranked due to them being destroyed one round they could play well the next playing with people on their level but that round affected their rating because of how poorly their stats were.
  5. Clan Tag’s
    I noticed Clan Tag’s take a minute or two before they pop up. Sometimes change is instant but others it takes a minute.

Has anybody else encountered these problems or bugs??

If anybody wants to play H5 (semi pro ranked) or MCC (H2A) shoot me an invite.