Halo 5 Multiplayer issues with Multiple XBox 1s

Hey Guys,

I’m almost ashamed to say this, but I had to buy a 2nd XBONE so that my wife and I could play Halo 5 together. Got the new xbox over the weekend, Installed Halo 5 and set everything up.

The problem is that every time my wife and I are in a party, we fail to connect to the dedicated server, in Co-op and regular multiplayer.

Both XBONEs are NAT: Open.

We were on the phone with Microsoft for 2 hours troubleshooting, and found that COD, and Minecraft works just fine, but not Halo 5.

Could this be a server issue?

Technical info of network:

PFsense Firewall v2.2.1
-8 core XEON Server
-Public IP from Comcast 100/20 Mbps connection
-All XB Live servers are allowed to the game consoles via Firewall Rules
-UPNP is enabled
-Both XBONEs report Open NAT
-Reset State table - Sometimes will fix strange connection issues
Cisco Managed POE Switch
Cisco AiroNet 1142 AP
XBox’s are connected through CAT-6 and given static IPs

Any help is appreciated,

I should also mention that IPv6 is enabled, and that this does not affect multiplayer games that we join separately (not playing together).

Took a snapshot of the Firewall, then upgraded to the latest release of PFsense and took a bunch of screen shots

My NAT Status

My Wife’s NAT Status

Multiplayer Test on My Wife’s

Multiplayer Test on Mine

Screen Shot of PFsense UPNP (’s)

Co-Op working separately

Me trying to join my Wife’s session

Failing to join my Wife’s session

Wife with no Halo 5 connection after a hard reset of Firewall, and both xboxes

Without changing anything, the xbox live multiplayer test on both xboxes

I’m going to stress, after all of this, OTHER MULTIPLAYER GAMES WORK WHEN PLAYING TOGETHER

Read up on instructions from PFsense Forum, and found these settings:

But, alas, I already have these static nat settings set for my other game consoles.

I will try to disable Static NAT tonight to see if this makes a difference.

Side note: I didn’t realize that XBox Live uses Teredo (IPv6 tunnelling through IPv4) for it’s connections. If it’s tunnelling, the connection should be more stable and easy to implement than this. Does anyone know if the tunnel is using UDP or TCP?

LOL never mind, the Teredo connection is UDP. That answer was in my own screenshot.

This post can be closed. The update last night (11-24-2015) fixed my problem