Halo 5 Multiplayer. An overview of a good MP

Hello 343i, I hope you’re reading this. I’ve been a player since 2007, where i started playing multiplayer in Halo 3. While I don’t particularly have a lot of experience in halo, having only started 7 years ago, I believe that I have a few ideas that are worth considering.

First up, like the Halo 3 matchmaking system, there should be two seperate set of playlists for the casual gamers, and the competitive gamers. And in each of these set of playlists, the player should have the option to set their preferences – to match up with people of the same language, or those who are using microphones, or simply the quickest match possible. The system should automatically match you up with players of the same skill, unless the setting to find the quickest match has been turned on.Players should be penalised for quitting games. Also, I hope 343i, being the amazing game studios they are, will be able to develop more maps for circulation in matchmaking.

As many players have already requested, Halo 5 must have an in-game CSR system, like the one in Halo 3. Your rank should be based on your win/loss ratio, not your kill/death ratio like the one in Halo: Reach. This should encourage players to work together as a team, and not play “selfishly”.

Next. Loadouts. Should they be in a Halo game? I think the idea and concept of a loadout system is great for the casual side of gaming. However, 343i, I think you went a little too far by adding the choice of tactical packages, and support upgrades. They are essentially the perks in Call of Duty. It just isn’t Halo. A player would be unable to tell what tactical package or support upgrade his opponent is using, and this causes a lot of randomness. I do think that the player should have the ability to choose his primary, and secondary weapon, and grenades. After all, it’s because of this ability to choose that vehicles are more frequently used, and more easily dealt with, not as frustrating to take out in Halo 4. In the competitve side of the next game, however, the playlists should have similar settings to those in Team throwdown, with different game modes, preferably without the use of loadouts.

Personal and random ordanace. I strongly feel that it must be removed in Halo 5. Personal ordanace simply ruins the game, perhaps some who are ‘unskilled’ may say that it is a great concept. I however, think that power weapons or power ups should be earned and fought for. Many players have experienced a game where the losing team makes a comback by using power weapons earned through personal ordanance.It puts a lot of luck and randomness into the game. As for random ordanance, it also implements the element of luck into the game.

Game balance. Halo 4, as sad as it is to say, somewhat resembles a Call of Duty games. In previous titles, the weapons itself were balanced. Even power weapons had weaknesses. However, in this game, it seems like the tactical packages and support upgrades are simply to counter another thing. For example, stealth was implemented into the game to counter promethean vision.

Armour abilities. Should they stay? Too me, personally, i feel that they should stay. It adds in a new layer into the game. And I definately have to praise 343i for balancing the armour abilities very well in Halo 4. But Please, fix the camo glitch in the next game; it basically removes the only thing that balances it as the blue dots simply disappear. However, I think that AAs should only be used in the casual side of gaming. In competitve gaming, two players enter the arena, and the better player survives. Halo, as an arena shooter, should be based on skill. In competitive gaming, armour abilities should be available, unless it can be fought for on the map.

Firefight or Spartan Ops? While the concept behind Spartan Ops was great, to attract players back on a weekly basis, the missions were often too short. The majority of players loved firefight because of the increasing diffuclty and the element of survival. I too love firefight. Spartan Ops simply feels like the game is telling you to go here, kill the covenant. Go there, kill some more. Come back, press a button. It was kind of boring.Not to mention the fact that there were far too litle maps in it.

Lastly, weapons and EXP rank. The EXP-based ranking system was too short in Halo 4. With a month of playing, a player could max out his/her rank at SR130. The max rank should be extremely hard to achieve, to encourage players to practice and play more. I think that after the June 3rd TU, the weapons are very well balanced. So kudos to 343i for that.

That’s mostly all I have to say. How many of you guys in the community agree or disagree with me? I’d like to here all your opinions. I’m sure Halo 5 will be great with 343i on it. I have a passion for Halo, and I’m sure many others do. Let’s try to bring the number of players up again, shall we? We are the Halo community!

Pilotslinky7 out.

Pilot. Very well thought out. I definitely agree with you on a lot of what you have to say. Along the same thought lines check out this thread below with a poll and links to some very good reads on what a lot of the community thinks needs fixing.


I agree with your post op. Although I think the casual side should get a halo reach ranking system but a little harder.