Halo 5 MP criticism

Is it designed for competitive play? It doesn’t look like it, it seems it was designed for casuals.

For competitive play latency is crucial, but nowhere in the game it’s shown. Why hide it? People can tell the lag when playing against distant players.

Second, we should be able to select regions, like in Titanfall. This way we know exactly how much latency we are going to get.

The matchmaking should only match for the region you are connected to. If someone is unable to find matches, then they could change to another region if they so desire.

When looking for players the lobby doesn’t tell you how many were already found. This would give a hint of how much longer we’d have to wait. Instead we just get a screen with empty slots, that are filled all at once when the matchmaking finishes. Again, look at Titanfall, when looking for a match you can see people coming and going.

Have you ever heard of the K.I.S.S. principle? Keep it simple, stupid! Instead of doing the simplest and most logical thing that is known to work, 343 decided to create this opaque matchmaking system that doesn’t work most of the time. The player doesn’t know what is going on and gets frustrated as a result.