Halo 5 Montages and the UEG Community

Hi Guys if you like halo montages then check out my gameplay and asteroidbacon41 gameplay on my youtube channel STKz .
You can find my channel via my first video by this link :- STKz First Halo 5 Montage - YouTube

None of these videos wouldn’t had been possible if I never met the UEG Prevail Community , They are VERY friendly group of individuals that hosts Gamenights Every night apart from Sundays at 8pm EST , we try to make it fun for everyone and that’s what’s important to use as a whole .
We play from nearly everything you can think of, from basic matchmaking to warzone to various custom games

My next video is in the works , highlighting some great gameplay within the whole community

UEG Prevail is a constant growing community and we are welcoming newcomers to join our ranks, if this sounds like something you might be into then drop me (UEG PURE) a message either on here or xbox and we will try to get you in for a gamenight