Halo 5 Minigame - Basketball by Turb

A little over a year ago I created a map and game type in H2A to simulate the gameplay of Basketball as much as possible in Halo, and it got pretty popular. The recent Grifball update made it so that I could finally recreate Basketball in Halo 5. There were a few things about the new ball mode that were disappointing. There aren’t options for Automatic Ball Pickup or Initial Ball Physics like we had in Halo 4 and H2A. Also, the ball physics are like that of a medicine ball or bowling ball in that it is very heavy and has little to no bounce to it. Hopefully 343 will be able to add Automatic Ball Pickup as an option.

The only player that can die is the ball carrier and it takes 3 melee hits to kill them. Players must pass the ball back and forth to each other until someone has a good shot at the hoop. Pick-up the ball using the reload button (X by default). Shoot or pass the ball with the shoot button (right trigger by default). You can do a layup maneuver by pressing the Y button instead if you are close to the hoop and release at the right time of your jump. Defensively you want to melee ball carriers, intercept passes, try to block shots, and rebound shots.

Map: Basketball by Turb
Map 2: Basketball - Easy
Game Mode: Basketball by Turb (Assault)

To Download: Add TurbTastic on Xbox Live, Open Halo 5 Roster, select TurbTastic, see Bookmarked Maps & Modes

YouTube Feature by iSpiteful

I have spawns setup for the Yellow and Green teams to spectate, and I plan on adding some more features related to spectating.
I’d like to thank my brother, SoS Darth Algar, for helping a lot with aesthetics. He made the rim & net, trophy, cheerleader grunts, press booth, and the corner exits. I’d also like to thank The222v for graciously allowing me to punch him repeatedly for about an hour while I got the Health and Damage settings as good as they can be.

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Saw something like this on youtube, sounds fun!

Yeah looks very fun, saw it the other day on youtube. Very creative. Love the grunts btw:)