Halo 5 mega fix list

I moved this entire thread over to matchmaking because it was getting zero comments spending a whopping 20 seconds on the front halo 5 specific page. I’m seeing a lot of individual threads out there talking about individual changes that need to be made. So I decided to make a mega list. I’ll try to update as people add things below. Please read first to avoid re-posting. Also I AM NOT ADDRESSING THE AIMING ISSUE! that is an entire thread in itself. This is purely multiplayer mechanics.

-fix spawn points. spawning to insta death happens WAY too often ESPECIALLY IN SWAT. Maybe have them better hidden. Some are good but others are just in the middle of nowhere. SWAT specifically introduce spawn delay if no safe spawns available.
-fix spawn disable inside of bases on warzone while being captured. PERIOD. Seriously it’s incredibly frustrating holding down a base only to have someone spawn behind you or multiple around you in the base/armory.
-include the upper level of armory in the base capture. seriously why is the top level of the armories (just above the roof) not included in the base capture zone? That’s a big loss of capture points for keeping a look out. also it’s way to easy for people to hide up there while the base is captured only to jump down the second the attackers leave.
-warzone specific, - if all capture points are taken by the other team NEVER SPAWN OUTSIDE OF BASE! this is become a huge issue with the fact you can never get a spawn point that isn’t an insta kill for the other team. this by itself is one of the contributing factors to the constant downfalls in escape from A.R.C.

-increase the damage (slightly) for the fuel rod. If not using the upgraded variant this weapon is pathetically ineffective at applying damage on pretty much everything short of a direct hit.
-slight decrease to assault riffles effective range. missing a single pistol/ BR shot loses battles far too often at mid range
-slight decrease to smg effective range. but increase to damage at very short range.
-decrease head shot bullet magnetism of sniper rifles. these guns are silly easy now.
-increase weapon clearing timer!!! why do my power weapons disappear the second i respawn if nobody picks them up?!!
-increase hydra target acquisition and shot speed

-fix friendly boarding into tanks. Why is this so difficult?
-for that matter fix boarding enemy tanks. other than from behind boarding tanks is a serious PITA. You can be standing on them but not be given the option to board. sometimes you jump in the turret.
-reintroduce the melee prior to planting a grenade. Why was this taken out? On the times you are boarded your teammates have almost no chance to help you now.
-fix the scorpion turret to kill boarders. if the attacker boards from the left side they can be shot off by the machine gun turret, but if they board from the right the turret goes through them doing nothing… why was this not caught in testing?? this is not an issue on the wraith.
-lower the angle the warthog can fire at. It is becoming all too common now for ghost to just race point blank on a warthog so they can’t hit them anymore.
-increase ghost req energy requirement by 1. With skilled teams this is exploited to the extreme with half the team in ghosts the second they can get them.
-increase scorpion shot speed slightly. “i love the new delayed impact of the scorpion” said nobody…EVER!
-significantly decrease ghost weapon effectiveness over range.
-reeduce the damage of the explosive shot ghost and it’s camera shake (this thing is so ridiculously OP it’s not even arguable)
-Give players the choice to spawn vehicles at either home base or forward base from menu (on maps applicable). This is a serious issue on escape from A.R.C. Where owning the garage is a problem for spawning any vehicles as spawning at base requires spawn, then running to nearest station.

-make all boss enemies appear on overview anywhere on map. Far too often people have no idea where the enemies are.
-kill credit on bosses goes to the team which dealt the most damage. Final shot is irrelevant.
-split kill credit among top 3 contributors of winning team.
-remove individual credit for killing initial enemies at bases/armory other than central base boss. This has now become a huge fight to kill things before everyone else can.

General gameplay
-increase motion sensor back to 25 m as in previous halo games
-limit the amount of aesthetic permanent unlocks to 1 per req pack. nobody likes opening a gold with 2 armor unlocks…
-reduce ground pound hold time. it is possible to hang in air far too long and wait for the perfect opportunity.
-increase required sprint distance to shoulder charge

Menu interface
-fix the issue with fireteams not being able to talk to each other
-make something more obvious to tell you are even in a fire team
-put the ability to view armors and tags back into the pregame menu.
-correctly display who is talking in game (sometimes you can hear someone talking but when you bring up the list nobody has a mic activated)
-don’t kick to menu when accepting a fireteam invite from someone in post game menu (why was this even an issue now? you’ve been able to do this since halo 2)
-give alert to people when someone joins your fire team
-let people in game know someone is waiting for them in a fireteam post match

*updated with hydra request