Halo 5 + MCC = heaven

The more I play the beta, the more I fall in love. I realize after getting higher in the ranks that map control and precision are still just as important, but bow we have amazing freedom and versatility in movement. I’m not one of these grandpas that can’t accept change and want halo to stay the same for 20 years. I think 343 is doing a great job with Guardians and I’m way more addicted to this beta than I have been any other shooter, and there are only 2 modes. Can’t wait to see big vehicle maps and more covenant weapons.

Then if I want my classic fix, I have MCC, so why would anyone want Halo 5 to be the same as the games we just got a month ago? We now have the best of both worlds, but honestly after playing the beta, it’s hard going back to MCC. It is like playing on google fiber and then trying to go back to using dial up.

Beta haters be -Yoink!-. This is shaping up to be my favorite halo multiplayer experience of all time.