Halo 5 matchmaking

Hi everyone!

Recent Halo 5 information got some gears in my head turning. For example, the Warzone’s supposed to offer a seamless drop-in-drop-out system (I’m imagining something along the lines of Halo CE PC matchmaking here, with people hosting matches themselves which could be joined/left at any moment), whereas I can predict such a system being rather undesirable for ranked/arena gameplay.

Could Halo 5 benefit from the Halo CE PC matchmaking system? With dedicated servers coming up it definitely is possible. Or would we rather stick to what we know on the console? And if so, what role would the Join in Progress (JiP) feature play in this scenario?

Personally I’d think that such a system would be excellent for large scale matchmaking like this (and custom games as well!) where a temporary loss of one or two teammates would not decide the outcome of the game. For playlists featuring smaller groups (and perhaps ranked gameplay) I’d stick to the concept Halo has used since its debut on Xbox Live without JiP, assuming both systems could work alongside of each other.

Please share your thoughts below! And remember, keep it clean!