Halo 5 Matchmaking Woes

I’ve been playing Halo since I was a six year old child, watching my older brother and his friends play, and sometimes getting the controller passed to me when someone wanted to use the bathroom. I’ve stuck around long enough to know the feeling and the rush of Halo, and Halo 5 is the first Halo game to bring that same rush to me since Halo 3. There will be a tl;dr at the bottom, don’t worry. I hope 343i will be able to see this post, because unless some key changes are made to the Halo 5 multiplayer experience, it will suffer.

I’m currently a Diamond 3 in SWATNUMS. I would say SWAT, but I’m really only able to play 1 game of Battle Rifle SWAT to 5 games of SWATNUMS. I don’t know why this is happening, maybe I just have bad luck when it comes to the game, and I’m stuck using a pistol for the next six to eight minutes of my life, and I don’t enjoy it. No man is going to tell me he wants to use a pistol over a three round burst rifle, in game or in real life. As a raging, drunk me once screamed: I want to meet the crusty 343i employee who said “SWATNUMS” so I can assault him.

The pistol, outside of SWAT, is a bit OP. It’s not game breaking, and it shouldn’t ever be, but I feel like I’m attacked by, and using, a single-handed DMR. Ironically, I also hate the DMR, but that’s not 343i’s fault, that’s just Halo: Reach’s fault for being a terrible game. I assume we’ll be getting a BR/SMG Loadout start soon, right? Right?

These next few ones are going to be major, and if they are not addressed, I do not see Halo 5 living past the next month.

We. Need. Forge. We can’t wait until December, and neither can you. Bo3 is coming, and so is SW: Battlefield. Many people will be leaving Halo 5 for those releases, I can guarantee it, but they will return if we have Forge. Forge made Custom Games what it was, and what it should be: Fun. Nobody can tell me they wouldn’t like to sit down with fifteen friends and play Smear the -Yoink-, Race, or one of the other funky, fun, and crazy maps from Halo 3. Forge needs to be added in two weeks. You can’t tell me it’s not ready, because some of those Matchmaking maps are obviously made in Forge. You can’t tell me it’s not ready, because this is 343i. You guys are owned by Microsoft, you work with people who MADE the Xbox One! Nothing can be explained why we don’t already have it. Dang it, I paid $500 for a Halo 5 XBONE just to be told I can’t make a male’s member out of some killballs and a couple towers on day one! That’s just disrespectful.

Also, just -Yoink- SWATNUMS.

-Fix the matchmaking variety, I want to play SWAT, that’s why I choose the SWAT playlist. Don’t give me a pistol.
-The pistol, outside of SWAT, is a little hard hitting. It’s a pistol, not a DMR. We need a Long Distance Rifle Loadout.
-Forge. Two Weeks. Otherwise, you’ll be losing your players to other games.


No Split-Screen? Oh come on, if I had a little brother I’d be seething at this. Split-Screen is what got me on this game series, don’t take it away!


It’s great you guys want Halo to be competitive again, but don’t kill the casual and social aspect of the game for it. Halo 3 was active for 5+ years for a reason, and was it 100% competitive? Was it even 50% competitive?

Completely agree, if they don’t add these things and fix issues like the SWAT spawns I’ll just end up ditching this game for battlefront.

About the Magnum.

It’s a .50 calibre pistol that’s smacking you in the head. How would it not go through the helmet or visor?

Ironically, the Magnum is a miniature DMR as well. Both kill in 5 shots and have the same TTK near-enough. Only the Magnum has a poorer range since the Smart-Link scope from Halo: Reach and 4 was removed, reducing how well you can aim with it at range (but you can still score hits and kills if you’re good).

I think they’re doing okay for the game, they do need a playlist that’s not Ranked though…Something to where I can brush up my skills on or play by myself without worrying about my Ranking going down if I get stuck with people who quit matches…Or put a Perma Ban system on to those who do it frequently (3 times in a row, 5 times that day, 7 times in a week?)