Halo 5 Matchmaking Issues with Friends

For the past two days I have been unable to join any online games with my friend. We are able to play custom games and co-op together, but nothing with other people online.

Whenever we attempt to play online it lets us join the lobby, finds people and a server, starts to load, loads to actual “loading screen” and then I get kicked. My friend goes into the game and I get “unable to join game” followed by returning to the lobby. At the lobby it says at the top “Attempting to join match in progress” which of course it never does. We then cannot join one another’s fire team again until one or both of us resets the game/console. In the two days only once has it let me into a game and kicked my friend.

separately we can play online all we want. Together, however, it acts up. I have no clue what to do, we have played together no issues since Halo 5’s release. I contacted Xbox support and after all their steps nothing was resolved.

Please help. Thanks!

Same with me, except with my group of 4 friends, one of us would always get disconnected each time. Just a random person of the group would get the same symptoms as you.

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Thank you for your reports, the team has made some changes to service configuration, and you should start to see improvements rather soon. Hard resetting your console (holding down the power button to properly power cycle the console) should help you connect to the updated services immediately. If these issues persist, please let us know in this thread.