Halo 5 Matchmaking Issue

So I can’t be the only one to notice this.

Day 1: I get Halo 5 and just roll through the campaign unhindered in my efforts to lay waste to anything 343 could throw at me this time. I rev up the shiny new warzone only to find out it’s taking SO DARN LONG to find a game only to be told it was unable to match because not enough players could be found and to try again later or try a new playlist. I’ve attempted to restart my machine, reinstall the game, etc etc. You name it, I tried it. It’s been days on end since the release and currently I cannot match up in any playlist except Team Arena and Team Slayer. Warzone started working for about a day then stopped and has since been down for me. I was able to qualify in swat and then unfortunately the same thing. I got 2 games in FFA and that’s it. I’m now limited to 2 playlists in the game and a already boring campaign that steamrolling in legendary. I’ve heard similiar reports of these issues in the South American regions, African and my current region, Asia. I don’t get why this is an issue now when every other game I own has never had any connectivity problems whatsoever. And before anyone asks, yes my NAT is open, ports are forwarded and I have a more than capable Internet connection. I’m highly convinced that the issues is on 343s end and I would like to see an update on this issue being addressed by 343. I didn’t wait forever to trash a game from the series I’ve been playing for more than 10 years, however, I won’t hesitate to throw it away if all I’m limited to is a 2 playlist game that I can’t even split screen on, with a campaign that is still mediocre compared to Bungies original Halo CE and Halo 2

I haven’t had any issues like this, what connection are you on and what region are you in?

Broadband connection, Asia. If I try playing with anyone from the U.S., it won’t allow me to queue with them due to “high latency”. This game was my last hope for a dying series after 343 butchered the way matchmaking servers worked with MCC. Now I’m about altogether done with it. If the issue isn’t fixed soon, I’ll be leaving this deadbeat series. From what I’ve been seeing in many of other players posts, I won’t be the only one. 343 will have to pull a miracle to make a 6th Halo.

Just be patient. Many people dont have the game yet and once more people do finding a match will be muvh faster

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> Just be patient. Many people dont have the game yet and once more people do finding a match will be muvh faster

Supposing that I deduct 100 million dollars from Microsofts 400 million revenue to reduce the amount of hardware and legendary version sales of the game, and I divide that remaining number by the basic 65 dollar retail value of the game, that’s just a rough estimate of 4.6 million people. 4.6 million people on a game and I can’t ever find a match in certain playlists for days on end? That’s not a population problem, it’s 343s problem.