Halo 5 Matchmaking Inaccessible?

Hey y’all.
Forge and multiplayer have been inaccessible for me today. I kept getting an error message. I’m not banned or anything, I have XBL Gold, and it was all working fine yesterday. Would love to know what’s up and if anyone else is experiencing any issues. Thanks.

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14 hours later and still unable to access forge and customs browser, along with matchmaking. Shame.

Still not working as of this morning.
Let me inform you, Halo Infinite, and other online games I play are working just fine so I doubt it’s my connection. Anyone else experiencing this?
EDIT: Tried submitting a ticket and Halo 5 was not available as an option…
EDIT 2: This evening, Halo 5 began to work for me again. Good to see, but I’m concerned about this happening again.
EDIT 3: Well guess those concerns I had came true. I closed the game, went and had dinner. Then, came back, loaded it up and once again I’m getting the error, ‘Error retrieving data center connection quality information. Please try again later.’ Again, my other online games are working just fine and I’ve had no connection errors there. Only with Halo 5 am I hitting problems. I’ve reset my console, yes, hard reset, and still nothing. I’ve deleted my saved data and resynced from the cloud and still having problems.

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This is becoming frustrating. I’ve tried so many things at this point and Halo 5 STILL refuses to work probably and consistently. I’ve tried deleting data and redownloading, I’ve checked for any connection errors on my end, and I’m still hitting a brick wall. The game will work for a time, then, when I come back to it, I can no longer play. Very confusing and tiring. With Halo Infinite lacking Forge, this is how I get my Forge fix. Would love to know why this problem keeps happening. Let me remind you, I’m not having issues with my other online games.
EDIT: Could someone also point to where I may find the place to submit a ticket or something? I couldn’t find anything on Halo support. Thanks.

You can submit a ticket in HALO SUPPORT.


Have the same problem

I found the solution for me.
I just needed to press start on the game, and close it from there.
When the game started again, the servers worked.
I think it’s quick resume that’s ruining it.

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Yeah the quick resume in Halo 5 always caused some issues for me. But that also happens at other games.

I’d really like to play a bit of breakout/elimination but I never find players there.

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