Halo 5. Master chief. Cortana. Arbiter?

Ok. so cortana is dead.
master chief is on earth.
arbiter is on his home planet too.

since master chief is a one man army. he cant do everything by himself he needs an ai. Whos gonna be the new ai? or is he even gonna have one?

The arbiter. master chiefs partner in halo 3. will there be a new arbiter or is he gonna return?

Cortana. Maybe shes not dead maybe the chief will look for again like in halo 3.

The enemies. are we still fighting covenant? or Prometheans? whos the main bad guy?

So many questions that need to be solved for halo 5s campaign.

> Ok. so cortana is dead.


Don’t forget some people just got this game for XMAS!

Meh. Cortana ain’t dead.

I’m pretty sure cortana comes back in the books.

They’ll just make a plot hole and bring her back, don’t worry.
Although I doubt I’ll buy Halo 5 because 4 is even worse then reach was. At least Reach didn’t have any glitches, and that’s not saying much. /Thread

Well, also how much was he changed/effected by whatever the Reclaimer did to him? If indeed his eyes are just black now, will the UNSC try to quarantine him or study him? The story line with Dr Halsey might be fleshed out in Spartan OPs but if not, will John make some kind of attempt to rescue her or defend her? Is John going to get absorbed by the Spartan 4s or will he run solo or with whoever is left of the Spartan 2s? So many questions…